Lichfield’s desperate NHS patients turn to their dog’s Vet for treatment 

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Petplan, the UK pet insurance provider, is to introduce health insurance for pet owners’ families as part of its premier level cover, offering “long-term peace of mind for your dog, your cat and now your children”. 

Petplan marketing manager Paul Mycock commented:

‘We have noticed an increasing number of pet owners pleading with their vets for timely medical advice and minor surgical procedures not only for their pets but also for themselves and their families.’

Driven by increasing frustration with the NHS delays, whether trying to get a GP appointment or an early date for an operation, patients are turning to man’s best friend’s health providers for a solution.
Mum of five under fives Britney Singleton is unimpressed, she said:

‘If the dog is scratching at his ear I can call the vet, make an appointment and get him sorted within two hours. If one of the kids has an ear infection we’ll have to wait a week to see a doctor. During the winter I call the surgery for an appointment even if no-one’s ill, just in case.’ 
Local vet John Rothschild commented:

‘With affordable pet insurance cover now available for all the family vets will be able to relieve the pressure on our NHS colleagues. If your kids need worming just bring them along.’
Pippa Greenflange, long suffering wife of a Lichfield Roundtabler is excited by these developments, she said:

‘I’ve been trying to get Pete booked in for a vasectomy for months but he still hasn’t been given a date. I’ve bought myself a dog just so that I can get the pet insurance for the whole family. Pete’s booked in at Rothschild’s Friday morning.’
Mr Rothschild welcomed the new patient:

‘Pete should be back home by lunchtime, it’s just a routine procedure, castration.’