Lichfield candidate admits to possible “midlife crisis” following Lib Dem nomination

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A Lichfield-based solicitor admits that his successful application to become Liberal Democrat parliamentary candidate in the May 2015 General Election is probably due to a “midlife crisis”.

Paul Ray and fellow Lib Dem - ashamed to show his face [Lichfield Mercury]
Paul Ray and fellow Lib Dem – ashamed to show his face [Lichfield Mercury]
Paul Ray recently won the nomination and follows in the footsteps of the local party’s previous failure, Ian Jackson, who, at the height of Lib Dem popularity in 2010, fell 7,000 votes short of ousting Conservative incumbent Michael Fabricant.

Local party chair, Jenny Pinkett said today:

‘We in the Liberal Democrat party have an honourable tradition of failure in both national and local elections and we are delighted that Paul will be fighting hard to secure a right good roasting in May.’

Mr Ray has a successful track record of failure having previously been beaten in District Council elections by Keeper of the District’s Purse Chris “Butter Fingers” Spruce. Paul commented:

‘As a happily married father of three with a successful career as a banking and finance partner in national law firm Browne Jacobson, I decided that it was time for a midlife crisis. But what was I to do to bring about my own destruction? Leave the wife for my attractive young assistant, buy a motorbike, take up rambling or cycling perhaps? No, I needed a challenge that only certain defeat can bring, so I joined the Liberal Democrats.’

Mrs Pinkett continued:

‘Paul Ray impressed tremendously and won the hearts of all local party members at the selection meeting in my kitchen last week.’

Paul has lived in Lichfield for 14 years having previously been manager of the fresh fish counter at Tesco. He declared:

‘The Lib Dems have a great story to tell and like all great stories it’s largely fiction.  In government we have been responsible for buttressing the Conservative’s relentless attack on the poor, the ill, the disabled and the under-privileged. And don’t even get me started on tuition fees. We are very proud that 20% of the Lichfield electorate voted for us in the last election and can only apologise for the embarrassment that this has caused them over the last five years.’

Paul’s wife, Gemma Ray remains stoic, she said:

‘Things have gradually got worse for us over the years, first of all Paul became a lawyer, then he announced that he had secured Royal Bank of Scotland as a client and now he’s a Lib Dem. The shame of it all and not a thought for what it’ll do to the kids.

‘But I’m looking forward to 7 May when it’ll all be well and truly over. I’ve booked a nice family camping holiday in the Peak District, I’d have liked to go abroad but what with Paul losing his £500 deposit and his job I didn’t think we could afford it this year.’