Renegade Lichfield parents prepare to send their kids to school on a school day

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Lichfield parents say they will be sending their children to school tomorrow (May 3) despite a planned national day of action with thousands of primary-aged youngsters expected to stay at home.  
The renegade parents realise that their children are being “tested, overworked and stressed out by school” but that they don’t care because their kids are smart enough to take it and accept it as a character building experience to prepare them for the real world of the 2020’s. 

A new Midlands group was inspired by the national ‘Let Kids Be Kids Forever And Ever’ campaign has petitioned against the SATs examinations.

Lichfield mum of five under fives, Britney Singleton, will be joining the strike, she said: 

‘I’m passionate about my children’s education so I won’t be sending them to school.

‘I’m not anti-testing I just don’t want my children to be tested. 

‘I find the whole SATS process very stressful, due largely to the competitiveness of the parents. It’s bringing gobby touchline parenting off the playing field into the classroom and I just can’t take it any more.

‘The tests are far too difficult for many parents and I worry about my children being singled out and bullied just because they have a stupid mum.’

The new SATs exams mean children as young as five are now completely oblivious to the fact that their teachers are being tested on their professional competence.

Paula Mycock, a mum of two from Fradley, said she would be sending her children to school tomorrow as usual, she said:

‘I have to work for a living and have a life. I ask myself, will taking a day off work to look after the kids make any difference to national education policy? So I’ll be on the 07.24 train to Birmingham tomorrow as usual.’

Photograph from The Guardian showing parent and child unconnected with this article