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Pizza delivery saves Lichfield Mayor’s bacon

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THE Mayor of Lichfield Councillor Nora Bacon was at The Saxon Penny pub on Lichfield’s Darwin Park last week for a VIP tasting night.

Pub manager Steven Baxter,63, said:

‘We’re happy that the pizzas seem to be going down a treat tonight and I’d like to give a special thank you to Domino’s Pizza who have made the pizzas to order before handing them over to local cabbie Councillor Brian Bacon for express delivery to the pub. I think we got away with it.’

Domino’s were delighted to be able to help out. Manager Paul Acne,17,  said:

‘We were able to take the orders by phone, prepare and deliver the pizzas to the Saxon Penny before the the pub staff would normally have taken the customers drinks order.’

Steven added:

‘Not only did the Domino’s delivery improve our service levels but it also meant that we didn’t have to turn on the new pizza oven tonight’

Problems started as soon as the new oven had been installed, once fired up it gave off strong “straight from the factory” odours and the poor ventilation meant that the pub was full of fumes.


Local gourmet Richard Richardson recently bought one of the houses opposite which were heavily discounted during the pub’s construction period, he said:

‘I soon got used to the fumes as I’m in here two or three times a day. The kids love it, we don’t mind being corralled into the family eating and play area. The new oven seems to vent into this area, I was a little concerned at first but when I noticed the drowsiness, dizziness, confusion, headache, and fast-approaching unconsciousness I thought “result” – the kids slept right through the night and I didn’t have to drink six pints of Peroni to achieve the same effect.’

Head chef Carl House said:

‘On the whole I think that its been a great success, with some modifications we’re hoping that the level of fumes will reduce before we have to close all the doors and windows for winter.

‘In the meantime, can I recommend our specialty Greek style pizza Hypercapnia with all the potential toppings.’

Manager Steven added:

‘Our new kitchen has certainly added a sense of theatre to the dining occasion. I’m sure that the Mayor enjoyed the experience. She was joined by Cllr Bacon after he finished his driving shift. They each ordered our “This Little Piggy” pizza – ham and mozzarella with extra toppings of smoky bacon and sausage.’

Anyone fancying a Saxon Penny pizza can place an order direct from the Domino’s website