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Lichfield City Councillors dress up for a political party

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CIVIC guests and dignitaries gathered at the Guildhall on Monday evening for Lichfield City Council’s annual meeting, at which the City’s new chief chain-wearers and ribbon-cutters were elected and installed in traditional fancy dress.

The new Mayor is Mrs Nora Bacon.

Nora is an advisor to local firm Packington Pork and represents the Curborough ward which comprises a collection of fields and a crap craft centre.

She is no stranger to eating and drinking, talking to groups of dullards and smiling scarily at the camera – she has previously been Mayor in 2005, and Sheriff in 2008.

Nora is a member of Lichfield District Council.

Her husband, Brian, will be the Mayor’s “Denis”. Brian is a part-time taxi driver from Burntwood.

Brian is a member of Lichfield District Council

The new Deputy Mayor is Andy Smith, a popular children’s entertainer and an expert on the X-Box.

Andy is a member of Lichfield District Council. He is responsible for cleaning streets and the public toilets.

His wife, Sallyanne, will be the Deputy Mayor’s Lady and hopes to become a member of Lichfield District Council when she leaves school.

Completing the civic team is Bob Awty, last year’s Mayor, who now becomes Sheriff of the City. Best known for his role as Dr Legg in EastEnders, he was born and bred in Lichfield

Bob is a member of Lichfield District Council.

His wife, Eileen, will be the Sheriff’s Lady and is eagerly awaiting this year’s Sheriff’s Ride.

The evening concluded with the Mayor’s Banquet, at which the Very Reverend John Philip, gave a toast to Richard Dawkins.

Anyone who would like to find out more about Lichfield City Council and then question why it still exists when most of its functions and staff could be absorbed by the District Council, should contact City Council Leader Terry Finn at Staffordshire County Council.