Dog walker discovers a Garrick theatre advertising hoarding concealed behind a dead body and roadside bushes

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Hoarding garrick

An early morning dog walker was shocked to discover a Garrick theatre advertising hoarding concealed behind trees and undergrowth beside the A51 Upper St John Street today. Confirmed bachelor Paul Mycock was out for his daily 6am walk when he made the discovery, he said:

‘It came as a complete shock, Fudge tore his way through the vegetation revealing, behind the dead body of a drunk, a Garrick theatre billboard. I was gobsmacked, I walk and drive past this site every single day and had no idea that this billboard was here.’

Garrick marketing manager Tobias Marlowe apologised, he said:

‘We apologise unreservedly for any distress that this discovery has caused to Lichfield rate payers who subsidise our extravagances. As soon as we realised the mistake that we had made, buying an advertising hoarding that is invisible to passing traffic, we thought it would be best to just let the shrubbery take its course.’

Speaking by Skype from Lichfield Police fortified head quarters on Eastern Avenue, Acting Sergeant  Blackham confirmed that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the death of the man in the bush. He explained:

‘The drunk died of shock at the Garrick’s £250,000 subsidy.’

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