Lichfield McDonald’s youth club forced to close if no funding found

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Lichfield McDonald’s has informed Staffordshire County Council that it will no longer be able to fulfil the County’s obligation to provide a Youth Club for local kids unless the Council provides funding and martial arts training for its staff.

Since the County Council closed all local youth centres last year the Conduit Street fast food restaurant has become the meeting venue of choice for many Lichfield teenagers.

McDonald’s Manager Bess Groscull commented:

‘The situation is getting out of hand. Now the club is closed there are hoards of youths hanging around here all night, every night. The paying customers have complained about all the shouting and swearing, I have apologised for the staff behaviour but those kids would try the patience of a saint.’

Local mum Britney Singleton, 19, said:

‘I bring my five under five-year-olds in here for a nutritious meal three or four nights a week. They get really upset by all the rowdy behaviour, especially as two or three of the lads that the manager’s bawling at could well be my kids’ dads.’     

Ms Groscull explained the company’s position:

‘Unless we can get funding from the Council for staff training and pest control we will have no alternative but to refuse admission to anyone under the age of 21. It’s so bad for business when customers regularly see police officers wielding Exclusion Orders on the premise. I simply can’t afford to lose any more staff.

‘Or, and I know that this may be controversial, the Council could always re-open the youth centre.’




3 thoughts on “Lichfield McDonald’s youth club forced to close if no funding found

    Liz Bacon said:
    February 3, 2016 at 9:47 am

    Hi my name is Liz Bacon myself and Kerry Mcabe-Crowley who were youth workers for Staffordshire county council, but since the closures of the youth clubs a group of trained youth workers and trained young leaders decided to open our own youth provision in Lichfield and Burntwood which is called Fun Club we have been very busy last year running junior provision in Lichfield and now Burntwood and also we were supporting young people on the brink of ASB contracts or have been put on them., with funding support from the police commissioner ,council , Scvys and Lichfield community safety for sessional workers and project based activities ,We would be glad to help Macdonalds with this issue as we are trained to work with young people with all sorts of issues or just want somewhere to go. Our problem at the moment is we would like to use the youth club at Minster which is just round the corner from Macdonalds but we feel it is to expensive as we are a voluntary group and as it is also a community issue we feel our funding would only last so long on rent rather then the trained youth workers and divisional activities so would only work short term perhaps the council would come to some agreement for us to use Minster youth club at a lower rate or free as we are trying to work together in the Big Society as David Cameron has suggested ? Another suggestion could be a mobile bus for fun club to do detach work around hot spots in Lichfield for young people to use as a mini youth provision which is safe and with trained workers ?

    Adam said:
    March 28, 2016 at 10:11 am

    Im sick amd tird of lichfild getting what they want and refusing us anything burntwood is q great town but dose need some improvments we are as big if not bigger than lichfild the gold was found in burntwood there for the gold and statue shold be in burntwood not poxy lichifild cuz uv got a catgerdrail wich is the only thing that makes you a city its about time you listened to us we dnt want more houses being build on bomb dumps we want shopping centers with decent retailers we want to be reconised for the great place we are in stead of lichfild or cannock

      medici2471 responded:
      March 29, 2016 at 12:04 am

      Thanks for your comments Adam. I agree, Burntwood is a great town. My suggestion that it is a desolate wasteland due to be closed down in 2016 is just a satirical barb to make the local politicians think twice about stupid local initiatives that drag the town down. Good luck!

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