Transcript released of Lichfield MP’s call to PM declining Cabinet post

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Lichfield and Burntwood MP Michael Fabricant made it abundantly clear to Prime Minister David Cameron that he did not want to be considered for a government job.

The full transcript of the telephone conversation has now been released. 

MF to No.10 Switchboard operator 

MF: Hi, could you put me through to Dave immediately please

SO: Dave who?

MF: The PM you foolish girl

SO: Who’s calling

MF: Mike Fabricant

SO: I’m sorry…

MF: It is I, Sir Michael Fabricant 

SO: No, I mean I’m sorry I’ve instructions not to take any calls from Michael Fabricant 

MF: (aside to Andy) The PM must be on the line to Obama. 

Well one of his senior officials then my dear.

SO: I’m sorry…

MF: I said, can you put me through to one of the PM’s senior officials.

SO: No, I mean I’m sorry, I’ve instructions not to put Michael Fabricant through to anyone at all.

MF: Well, please get Mr Cameron to call me back when he’s finished with The President.

SO: No

MF: It’s imperative that I get a message to him before he finalises his new cabinet. Could you please impress upon him, in no uncertain terms, that it is, with the deepest regret, that I have to decline the generous offer of a senior cabinet post.

Click, burr…….

MF: (smiling in Andy’s direction) Yes that’s correct, “with the deepest regret”.

MF: (to self) She deserves a punch to the throat that one.


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