Lichfield City train station toilet ‘a disgrace’

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LICHFIELD commuters have complained to London Midland about the passenger lift at Lichfield City railway station.

Lisa Reilly is a graduate trainee with international accountancy firm Ernst & Young in Birmingham She said:

‘I travel on the Cross City line to and from Birmingham every working day. Some evenings I attend networking events that involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol and by the time I reach Lichfield I’m busting for a wee.’

Toilets at Lichfield City railway station have recently had to be closed because drunks and drug addicts keep leaving them filthy and littered with dangerous needles.

Lisa continued:

‘Since the station toilets have been closed and the train toilets are often out of order or nonexistent, I’ve had no alternative but to relieve myself in the station lift. The problem is that it only takes the lift 28 seconds to descend to the ground floor; but it takes a good 45 seconds to stoop, pull my panties aside and spray in the corner. It can be a real embarrassment when those doors open.’

London Midland, which runs the Birmingham Road station, has had 27 individual complaints about the inadequate facilities and said it would be “irresponsible” not to take action to extend the time of the lift’s descent.

Spokesman Joan Cassie said:

‘As a lady commuter myself I understand only too well the embarrasment that can be caused by going down too quickly after a few drinks.
‘There is no statutory requirement to provide toilets at railway stations but we are looking into the feasibility of providing shoe-drying facilities in the ticket office.’

Ms Reilly also complained about the attitude of some station staff, she said :

‘That Scottish guy can be a right grumpy bastard, huffing and puffing over his mop and bucket.’

Anyone who wishes to complain about the toilet facilities at Lichfield City can tweet London Midland @LondonMidland



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