Lichfield Mayor demonstrates Council cuts

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THE Mayor of Lichfield Councillor Bob Awty has has officially opened a new light bulb shop in the city.

Bradshaws Discount Lighting on Britannia Enterprise Park has doubled the number of light bulbs and fluorescent tubes that it sells to both businesses and the general public.

The mayor marvelled at the demonstration of a dimmer switch and then, to the evident delight and astonishment of the staff, managed to operate a pair of scissors and successfully cut the ribbon to officially open the new showroom. He said:

‘My wife and I were delighted to be invited to open the new showroom, as lighting has been an important part of our lives.’

Councillor Awty, who for many years appeared regularly on BBC TV’s Eastenders as the popular character Dr Legg, continued:

‘My father got our first ever television set from Bradshaws in time for us to watch the Coronation – they didn’t sell TV’s of course, so I think he must have nicked it from their parlour, rich bastards.

‘My wife also remembers buying a 13 amp fuse from the store when she was younger.’

‘The new showroom looks amazing, and it’s fantastic to see how the family business keeps growing and changing, especially the young lady in the black dress.’

Director, Lee Bradshaw says:

‘We’ve been really turned on by the response to the new showroom.’

The mayor then had the scissors carefully taken away from him by his wife who then led him to their car. She commented:

‘I’m afraid he still thinks he’s Dr Legg, I had to apologise to that young lady, she clearly didn’t welcome the examination. I’m sorry dear, the lights are on but no-one is home.’


Photo credits to The Lichfield Mercurial and BBC TV. We thank you…. 


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