New swing in a park

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CHILDREN queued up for hours for a turn on a new swing in Chase Terrace Park last week when Lichfield District Council unveiled the new visitor attraction.

The swing was installed at a cost of £2,700.00 thanks to the sterling efforts of Councillor Sue Woodward.

Councillor Andy Smith, Lichfield District Council’s Cabinet Member for Public Toilets, said:

‘We’re ever so grateful to Councillor Woodward for spending £2,700.00 of public money on a swing. A swing is always really popular with children of all ages. The infants enjoy the rhythmic backwards and forwards motion and the look of utter boredom on their dad’s face; and the older kids enjoy recreating Foucault’s famous experiment to demonstrate the rotation of the earth.

‘We know it is sure to become a lively topic of conversation for families visiting the park.’

Local mum of three Britney Singleton commented:

‘I’ll certainly be taking the kids to see the £2,700.00 swing in the coming weeks, I can’t afford child care so there’s not much else I can do with them.’

Councillor Woodward, Staffordshire County Councillor for Burntwood North, said:

‘Through speaking to residents, I knew that a £2,700.00 swing was a top priority and a very popular choice. I am thrilled it is already being enjoyed by so many children on their way back from the food bank.’

Little six-year-old reveller Ben, enjoying his time marvelling at the new £2,700.00 swing said:

‘Please can we go home now mom.’

Lichfield District Council Leader Mike Wilcox (Con) reluctantly praised the popular Labour Councillor’s efforts:

‘I will certainly be taking my grandchildren to see the new £2,700.00 swing. I couldn’t have spent the money better myself, and that’s saying something.

‘Come on kids ‘To me to you’.’










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