New Lichfield Trent Virtual railway station car park opens

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COMMUTERS have welcomed a new 130-space car park at Lichfield Trent Virtual railway station, which opened this week.

Funding totalling £900,000 was secured by London Midland to improve parking and the endless waiting room for customers.

A London Midland spokesman told the 5SL:

‘We’re pleased to confirm that the new car park at Lichfield Trent Virtual station has opened, providing passengers with a much-needed 130 additional car parking spaces.

Birmingham commuter Bill Brookes was the first to congratulate London Midland:

‘This is great news for commuters, there is now plenty of room to park up whilst waiting for our Cross City service to be cancelled. It’s then a simple matter of driving to catch a  real train at Lichfield City or Four Oaks stations.’

Working mum of three Shirley Mackintosh said:

‘It’s so much safer now, especially when I’ve been working late or at weekends, I’ve noticed that there’s now plenty of space for the rail replacement buses to line up to transport the displaced passengers.’

Although the new car park is the first part of a major scheme of works at the station to reach completion, the scheduled works do not include provision for a passenger lift.

A London Midland spokesman said:

‘With only four or five disabled people a day trying to drag their sorry withered limbs up the steps to the high-level Birmingham line, let’s be honest, it’s just not cost effective to be bothered with them.’

Disabled former soldier Reg Major leaves home at 5.35am every day to get to work in Erdington. But he remains stoic:

‘Ok, I can’t make it up the station steps at Lichfield Trent Virtual to the Birmingham line, but now the new car park is open I can easily roll down onto the platform, catch the Tamworth train and use the lift there to get up to a train into Brum. I’ve no complaints, I’m in the dedicated passenger lift  for less than a minute but the smell of the ammonia-laced beery piss really sets my heart racing for the day.’

Anyone who has been affected by these changes can contact London Midland on twitter @londonmidland or #LMdontgiveafuck


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