Am I old enough to take up rambling?

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As the excesses of the festive season take their toll, many people are planning to get outdoors and take more exercise in the coming weeks.

And the question on many people’s lips is ‘Am I too young to join a rambling club?’

Paul Stevens, a  45-year old member of Lichfield Golf and Country Club said:

‘My wife and I gave up on the sex five years ago, so, naturally enough, I took up golf.  The kids have now gone off to university and it’s become apparent that we haven’t actually had a conversation for over 18 years.’

Mr Stevens, who has recently been forced to leave the Lichfield Round Table on the grounds of age, has been looking for new ways to waste time and fill his meaningless life for the next  twenty five years, after which he hopes to retire, and, shortly afterwards, to die. He continued:

‘I’ve found myself drawn to retail outlets such as Blacks and Trespass and admire the outdoor clothing, the walking boots and those extendable walking sticks.  I’m seriously considering joining a rambling club but I’m not sure that I’m old enough?’

Lichfield and District Ramblers chairman Ron Shoosmith commented:

‘It’s true to say that most of our members are in their eighties and nineties, but it’s never too young to start. Nationally membership numbers are down; we don’t seem to be able to recruit new members as fast as the existing members die. So younger potential members are welcome to apply, in fact our youngest member is a sprightly 71-year old.’

The self-employed, unemployed former bank employee, Mr Stevens is not convinced:

‘I feel like I’ve been cast adrift, I’m an inbetweener,’ he said ‘I may have to take up cycling.’

Anyone who is in their 70’s,  still alive and having an interest in sheep should contact Lichfield Ramblers at


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