Lichfield City footballer agrees not to repeat controversial gesture

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Lichfield City striker Nick Anderson has agreed not to use a “waving” gesture again during or after a match.


Anderson, 34, made the sign at the final whistle of Lichfield’s Boxing Day thrashing by Littleton.


Former BBC Midlands boss Cath Hearne, who witnessed the event in a photograph in the Lichfield Mercury, accused him of a “disgusting Ashley Blake style” hand gesture.


Ashley Blake, a former BBC Midlands Today presenter, was sacked following a conviction in 2009 which resulted in a two year prison sentence for being a ‘a bit of a twat’.


Ms Hearne told the Daily Mail:


‘Ashley Blake gave an informal, jolly ‘wave’ at the end of each news programme that many racists found offensive.


‘Ms Hearne quit the BBC earlier this year after evidence came to light that she herself was also ‘a bit of a twat’.


A statement from Lichfield City FC  said:


‘The club has asked Nick not to perform the gesture again. Nick immediately agreed to adhere to this request after acknowledging it had caused offence in some quarters.’


The club will continue to consider Anderson for matches while the matter is being investigated internally and by the Football Association.


Anderson said that he gave the characteristic wave as a gesture of support for the former TV presenter who has not worked in the media since his release from jail.


He vehemently denies having any intention to cause offence by his club’s dismal recent performances.



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