South Staffs College removes Savile portrait and hands over curatorship to Daily Mail

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South Staffordshire College has confirmed today that artistic control of the Art & Design course is to be taken over by the editor of the Daily Mail.


The removal from a Lichfield campus exhibition of a controversial portrait of Jimmy Savile, dressed as a knight in shining armour, follows an uproar caused by an article in the Daily Mail earlier this week.


At first resisting the pressure to remove the picture, explaining that it was an ‘ironic’ take on the paedophile and his BBC institutional protectors, the College later capitulated.


College principal Graham Morley explained: “We had no alternative but to bow to the wisdom and moral outrage of the Daily Mail readership and to the artistic criticism levelled at the exhibit by our cleaning lady. Concerns had also been raised by a canteen assistant who refused to even view the work.”


The cleaner, Hannah Mattison, is amazed at the response: “I first saw it when I was cleaning an art room, I mentioned it to a friend and before I knew where I was I appeared to have given a rather articulate quote to the Mail.”


“They’ve even offered me a spread in Saturday’s edition sporting some Kelly Brook underwear,” the 24 year old added.


The offending portrait has now been returned to the unnamed artist who commented: ”I’m looking forward to an expensive foreign holiday some time soon.”


As to the future Mr Morley explained:

“Although the Daily Mail will advise on future exhibitions I can guarantee that this will not impact upon the artistic integrity of the College.”


The next exhibition, due in the New Year, will go ahead as planned and is entitled “Politicians and Families”. Labour leader Ed Miliband and his late father Ralph will feature.

Ed Miliband and late father Ralph
Ed Miliband and late father Ralph

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