Lichfield Round Table Car Faces the Boot

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As Santa prepares to empty his sack for another Christmas, Lichfield Round Table members are anxiously reviewing their options as to where to park their fully-liveried Mitsubishi Pajero for the next twelve months.

Earlier in the year the car could be found abandoned in various locations in and around the City – traffic islands, farmers’ fields, Eastern Avenue cemetery. But there are now few places left that it hasn’t been towed away from.

Mike “I’m a Right Laugh” Collins, who has been involved with the group for two years, said: “I had it on my drive for a few weeks, it was a right laugh! But I had to let it go when my wife called me a knob and left me for a Morris Dancer. I still miss it.”

The club – a social club for mainly, or soon to be, single men aged 18-45 – raises about £2,000 each year less than they spend on car running costs, real ale and archery evenings.

“If we can’t find suitable parking,” said chairman Pete “Up the Villa” Adams, “we’ll have to sell it, give the proceeds to charity and join Lichfield Golf and Country Club. Now that’s what I call sad.”

To join Lichfield Round Table email Or call the Samaritans.


One thought on “Lichfield Round Table Car Faces the Boot

    Mike Collins said:
    December 11, 2013 at 12:45 am

    You’re a nob, and it wasn’t a Morris dancer it was a Cnut from Sutton golf club

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