Lichfield MP suggests constituents having difficulty contacting him email GB News studios

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Michael Fabricant shocked to hear that he is expected to respond to Lichfield constituents
Lichfield MP (Con) Michael Fabricant has suggested that any constituent having difficulty contacting him should email him at GB News studios. Commenting on allegations from constituents that attempts to contact their MP via webform, social media or letter to his contituency office have failed to elicit a response, Mr Fabricant said:
“Social media, like Twitter, are not official channels for contacting your MP. If you wish to make contact with your MP, do so via their webform or similar official means. I will then be able to select which constituents deserve a response and arrange to email them a copy and paste of an irrelevant press release from Conservative Central Office.”
The Lichfield MP, who does not hold constituency surgeries nor disclose the address of his constituency office, now spends most of the working week (Tuesday to Thursday lunchtime) in the GB News studios. Once the GBN presenters have finished interviewing each other they will often turn to Mr Fabricant for his insights into national and international news. He specialises in regional news of importance to the West Midlands and North Wales. Having spent many years implying that he was a British asset behind the Iron Curtain, Mr Fabricant is also an expert on Russian foreign affairs. Mr Fabricant added
“As I spend so much time creeping around GB News, constituents could also email me there at . In the unlikely event that I am not in the studio then my good friend will forward the messages on to me so that I can arrange for those constituents to be blocked.”
As pressure mounts for Mr Fabricant to be deselected at the next election, Conservative Leader of Lichfield District Council Cllr Doug Pullem has refused to confirm that he is a contender. He commented
“Whilst, like Michael, I also have “unusual hair”, unfortunately I grow my own and this fact will disqualify me from standing as Conservative Parliamentary candidate at the next election.”

Lichfield residents dismayed as travellers leave site clean and tidy

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A group of travellers have left a park in Lichfield without the need for a court order to be obtained for their removal.

Council workers arrived on Monday morning to clear the expected mounds of human and canine faeces, litter and burnt-out unlicensed vehicles only to discover that the site had been left clean and tidy.

Local retailers and fuel stations reported no increase in thefts or antisocial behaviour during the travellers stay in the area.

Speaking in the recently reopened Turnpikey pub, resident racist Paul Mycock said,

‘I’m furious, when these so-called travellers arrived on our doorstep I was expecting a cheap tarmac job on my drive and a good gang fight on Saturday night at the very least. But no, nothing.

‘When I heard that they’d left the site clean and tidy without a court order I was so upset that I shat myself in the park.’

Supermarket customer assistant Myfanwy Hertz told Central England Co-op in-house news sheet Lichfield Live,

‘I’m delighted to confirm that there have been no reported increases in shoplifting from the store or drive-offs from the petrol station during their stay.

‘But I have to admit, when I went to bed last night I was half expecting to find Bobby Ewing in my shower this morning.’

Dog walker discovers a Garrick theatre advertising hoarding concealed behind a dead body and roadside bushes

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Hoarding garrick

An early morning dog walker was shocked to discover a Garrick theatre advertising hoarding concealed behind trees and undergrowth beside the A51 Upper St John Street today. Confirmed bachelor Paul Mycock was out for his daily 6am walk when he made the discovery, he said:

‘It came as a complete shock, Fudge tore his way through the vegetation revealing, behind the dead body of a drunk, a Garrick theatre billboard. I was gobsmacked, I walk and drive past this site every single day and had no idea that this billboard was here.’

Garrick marketing manager Tobias Marlowe apologised, he said:

‘We apologise unreservedly for any distress that this discovery has caused to Lichfield rate payers who subsidise our extravagances. As soon as we realised the mistake that we had made, buying an advertising hoarding that is invisible to passing traffic, we thought it would be best to just let the shrubbery take its course.’

Speaking by Skype from Lichfield Police fortified head quarters on Eastern Avenue, Acting Sergeant  Blackham confirmed that they were not looking for anyone else in connection with the death of the man in the bush. He explained:

‘The drunk died of shock at the Garrick’s £250,000 subsidy.’

“Friarsgate development will be completed within 10 days,” claim Chinese developers

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Construction begins

A Chinese consortium, led by Wuhan based  Covid Construction Corp, has been appointed to develop Lichfield’s long-awaited Friarsgate shopping and leisure centre.

The scheme was axed in 2018 after Lichfield District Council chiefs voted against funding the development when the previous developer failed to secure private financial backing for the £54 million project.

Covid chief executive Zhang Yue said:

‘This project can be built-out by our skilled immigrant workforce on time and on budget – the time being within two weeks and the budget being 40% of the original estimate.

‘Now that the UK is ignoring EU regulations, we are able to make considerable cost savings – no minimum wages, no health and safety delays and no sustainability or building standards issues.

‘But our workforce will be well looked after; when not working 20 hour days they will spend their free time eating and sleeping at the Ruby and Lee Garden restaurants. There will be plenty of room for our 2000 comrades above the shops.

‘The buildings will be prefabricated in our new facility located on green-belt land around the People’s Province of Burntwood. The units will then be transported along the excellent road network to the Birmingham Road site.’

When slotted together the development is expected to reflect the architectural heritage of the City, as epitomised by the Premier Inn and Friary Car Park, inspired by the Danish Lego movement.

Council leader Cllr Doug Pullem commented:

‘With development funding from Beijing in place there can be an immediate start on site without our previous focus on securing pre-lets of the retail units. However, I can promise that there will be the usual mix of coffee bars, charity shops and hair & nail salons which have proven to be so popular in Lichfield.

‘If all goes well we are hoping to appoint Covid Construction to demolish Friary Grange Leisure Centre and build a state-of-the-art Olympic swimming pool and gym during the May half-term.’

Mr Yue said that in order to recompense local restaurateurs for their hospitality, ‘It is planned that Friarsgate will include a new Oriental food Cash and Carry, incorporating our popular live-animal open market on alternate Fridays.’




Beerbohm “beery farts” blamed for recent spike in Lichfield greenhouse gas emissions

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A spike in recorded greenhouse gas emissions in Lichfield has been attributed to an increase in beery farts in Beerbohm on Tamworth Road during the recent heatwave. The bespoke bar, specialising in craft and continental ales, is frequented predominantly by MPs and bearded obese men with relationship issues.

The popular hostelry was opened in 2015 by Wendy and that bloke she married, she said:

‘Running a craft ale house carries an inherent risk of attack from climate change activists. Admittedly the build-up of greenhouse gases expelled by our crusty-arsed beery farting customers doesn’t help our environmental credentials.
‘But we have tried to mitigate the climate impact of as far as possible – promoting salty seaweed crisps, installing an improved manure collection system and keeping the windows closed in all but the hottest weather.’

Disgraced former Friary School swimming teacher Paul Mycock is a regular, he said:
‘I’m a regular. I retired from teaching in 2009, although for some reason I’m still on the register.
‘I’ve been an admirer of Wendy for many years, following her from Derby, to Stoke and then on to the Duke of York. And, sometimes, I’ve even followed her home.
‘I’m here most days, eating my Greggs meal deal, washed down with three pints of Vedett IPA – a refreshing, hoppy and complex beer with fruity, floral and green aromas underpinned by citrusy flavours, with a mild bitter taste and a long, dry finish.
‘As you can probably smell….Excuse me…’

The bar takes its name from Henry Maximilian Beerbohm who was born in London in 1876.  He was an essayist, parodist and caricaturist but really first became known as a drunken misogynist in the 1890’s. Oscar Wilde said of him “The gods have bestowed on Max the gift of perpetual flatulence.” A theme embraced by the regulars of the eponymous bar to this day.

The bar has proven popular with local celebrity and former MP Michael Fabricant, a regular crafty imbiber of Barbar Blonde and Chimay Blue. Wendy said:

‘A guy came in the other evening, he asked “Do you serve Old Peculiar?”, quick as a flash I quipped, “Yes, Mike’s sitting upstairs.”
MF Beerbohm
Wendy is here all week, except for Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays. She doesn’t like making too much money. Which is just as well as tariffs on the import of continental beers post-Brexit will probably force the bar to close. Cheers Mike!


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Lichfield MP,expecting a call from No.10, claims his phone must have been hacked

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Lichfield member Michael Fabricant claims that his mobile phone “must have been hacked by sinister forces” as he fails to receive a call from new PM Boris Johnson offering him a high level cabinet position.

Speaking via a clear line on his phone from outside the former Friary Grange Leisure Centre, Mr Fabricant said:

‘I’d arranged to meet a local developer this evening to discuss alternative uses for this derelict pool but I’d left clear contact details with no.10.

‘I have made and received numerous calls today congratulating me on my invaluable sycophancy in securing Boris’s success. But not a thing from Team Boris, there can be only one explanation – a Russian sponsored hack of my phone to intercept vital communications with no.10.

‘I recognise the hand of Putin in this – have I ever mentioned that I was an imaginary agent for MI6 when I was an imaginary entrepreneur selling dodgy radios in the Soviet Union in the 70’s?’

A spokesman for No.10 said:

‘We can confirm that we have made no attempt to contact Mr Fabricant today or any other day. In fact we have a note from a Grant Shapps from years ago saying “Do not resuscitate his career, Fabricant is a buffoon and a fantasist.”

Theresa May was too drunk to comment.

Lichfield luxury Aqua World plans emerge as Friary Grange pool closure announced

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Friary Minster Pool World

Plans for a luxury aqua park complex in the centre of Lichfield have emerged following the announcement that Friary Grange Leisure Centre is to close in April 2020.

Unicorn and Imaginary (U+I Group plc), the development partner behind the defunct Friarsgate project, have released plans for the new swimming pool facility to be located on the current B&M Bird Street car park.
Provisionally called Friary Minster PoolWorld, the scheme has been welcomed by local residents who will be affected by the closure of the Friary Grange pool next year.

Dimbles bather Paul Mycock said:
‘It’s great news that this imaginary water world will soon be within walking distance of ‘spoons. I was expecting to have to take the kids to Stowe Pool for a bath next summer, but it does get a bit crowded in there in the hot weather. And it’s not very convenient for the air ambulance.’

U+I director and former District Council leader Rich Richman commented:

‘We welcome the opportunity to partner Lichfield District Council again in another flagship development in the city. Our shareholders were delighted with the risk-free profits generated by our involvement with Friarsgate.
‘The decision to turn Friarsgate into a car park and to redevelop the former B&M store and car park will be announced by the Council in September followed by a public consultation in November.’

B&M merchandise display organiser Brittney Singleton,19, has mixed feelings, she said:
‘I have mixed feelings. I’ll love to spend an afternoon with my five kids on the water slides but I will lose my job when the store closes. I’ve been offered a position at the brand new store on Eastern Avenue but the commute from Netherstowe three days a week would kill me.’

B&M spokesman Simon Aurora insisted that the Market Street store will not be closing despite the launch of the new store, he said:
‘The Market Street store is not closing.
‘Well not until Lichfield District Council increases its offer for our lease. That will be announced in September.’

B and M 17 07 2019

Lichfield David Lloyd members actively support the petition to keep Friary Grange Leisure centre open

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Following local media reports that Lichfield District Council has decided to close the Friary Grange Leisure Centre from April 2020, social media users have reacted with fury. David Lloyd Lichfield Health and Racquet club members have come out in full support of the online petition to keep the centre open to the general public.

David lloyd

David Lloyd member Paul Mycock was one of the first to sign up, he said:

‘I was one of the first members to sign up to the plebiscite, closing Friary Grange will be a disaster for the general health and well-being of our members.’ Vigorously towelling-off his genitalia in the changing rooms, he added:

‘Imagine the number of Dimbles internees who will apply for the concessionary three-month introductory package at David Lloyd next summer if they can’t take a bath in the Friary Grange Pool. The members-only club will be ruined. I commend this petition to the membership.’

Objections to the proposed closure were equally vociferous in other parts of the City. Fradley mother of three under two-year-olds, Myfanwy Hertz is “gobsmacked”, she commented:

‘I am gobsmacked. I can’t believe that the swimming pool where I learnt to swim as a child ten years ago is closing down, it’s a disgrace. I’ve never been back there since mind you, but that’s not the point. Its part of our history. And what about Friarsgate and Tempest Ford and all the housing around the Saxon Penny and the canal restoration and the plight of elephants in Asia. The world’s gone raving mad.

‘Did I miss anything? Let me check on the comments section of Lichfield Live and get back to you.’

derelict swimming pool

Local politicians have been more restrained in their reactions.

Local Lib-Dem councillor for the Ward in which Friary Grange is situated, Cllr Paul X-Ray said:

‘Thank you for drawing this to my attention, being absent from most council meetings I am often late to the party unless prompted by social media.’

Concerned Lichfield (and Burntwood) MP Michael Fabricant commented:

‘Not my monkey, not my circus,’ he said, appealing to the local Polish electorate. ‘I never go swimming, for obvious reason, so I have no interest in the closure of the Leisure Centre. But as there is a general election coming I am an active supported of the Abbots Bromley Horn Dancers and commend their commemorative stamps set to the House.’


Recently appointed Conservative Lichfield District Council leader Cllr Red Doug-Pullem has announced that he would like to see £2.4m spent on a new leisure centre rather than patching up Friary Grange. He added:

‘It wasn’t me.’

Cllr Mike Chuckle was unavailable for comment.

Cllr Doug-Pullem’s honeymoon period is due to end in September.


Brexit crisis solved by blokes in a Lichfield pub: Ditch Northern Ireland

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A controversial proposal to overcome the Brexit deadlock emerged over the weekend in a Lichfield pub.  Regular drunks in the Kings Head came up with the solution late on Saturday night following a wide-ranging debate about the Villa and the unreasonable expectations of their respective wives and girlfriends.

Local plumber Paul Mycock commented: ‘Now I don’t profess to know anything about Brexit, but I do know that Theresa May’s a traitor and that, as it stands, her Withdrawal Agreement is a complete betrayal of the referendum result.

‘When I voted Leave, I voted to abolish free movement of people into our country from India and Pakistan and to take back control of our convenience shops and hospitals. The government needs to deliver on that vote. Do they think we’re all stupid or what?’

Former Birmingham pub-goer Paddy McGuinness explained that the problem with the Withdrawal Agreement relates to the treatment of the Northern Ireland border with the Republic.

He said: ‘The lads weren’t very interested in the detail to be honest until they noticed BBC News reporting a car bomb in what is incorrectly called Londonderry.

‘Then Cocky pipes up “What’s the fecking point of Northern Ireland anyway?” It was like a light had been switched on. Everyone agreed that the solution to the Brexit impasse was to hand over Northern Ireland to the Republic. Border problem sorted.

‘I could barely contain myself, who’d have thought that the Conservative Party would have done more for the Republican cause in two years than Sinn Fein managed in half a century.’


A doctor asks, “Is Lichfield MP Michael Fabricant suffering from Schrodinger’s Member Syndrome?”

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Westgate Medical Practice’s celebrity doctor “Prof” Helen Stokes-Lampard (f) is concerned that the local member’s voting record, in what has been a tumultuous shitfest of a week in British politics, exhibits symptoms of the so-called Schrodinger’s Member Syndrome (SMS).


Dr Hilary said: ’My intimate knowledge of my patient coupled with my bourgeoning media career has given me ample opportunity to observe Michael in his natural habitat in Westminster. SMS is a psychological condition, little-known outside of the Parliamentary estate, enabling a politician to simultaneously hold two contradictory views of reality without any discernible internal conflict.’

On Tuesday evening Mr Fabricant was instrumental in delivering an historically humiliating defeat to his own Tory government when he voted against the Withdrawal Agreement.

On Wednesday evening he joined his fellow Tory raft-clingers and gave his whole-hearted support to the Tory government in a No Confidence vote.

Mr Fabricant commented: ‘On Tuesday evening Mrs May was a treacherous Remainer who is failing to deliver the will of the British people. On Wednesday evening the PM was the most glorious leader this country has seen since Mrs Thatcher during the Falklands War. What’s the problem?

‘And, in common with Westgate, I’ve no idea who this Dr Strobes is. She most certainly has never entered me, nor me her. Obviously.

‘But let’s not confuse my ability to see all sides of an argument as being a symptom of this SMS. Forget Brexit and consider my unequivocal position on HS2 for example – I am a strong supporter of this major infrastructure project that will deliver huge commercial benefits to the whole nation. And I will be lobbying for the cancellation of this vanity project, it’ll never be delivered on time or on budget.  What could be clearer?’

Fellow Tory buffoon Jacob Ree-Smogg came to Mr Fabricant’s aid: ‘I see nothing inconsistent in Michael’s position, it is entirely in alignment with my own. I whole heartedly support the PM and will campaign for her to be replaced at the earliest opportunity. More champers Nanny please!’

GP Dr Helen Stokes-Lampard commented: ‘I did perform a digital rectal exam on Mr Fabricant when he presented with symptoms of laryngitis, but I have never publicly disclosed the deterioration in his mental health. However, I guess the cat is out of the bag now. Or the box. If it was ever in there, dead or alive.’

Mr Fabricant has asked that constituents contact him by email or Twitter in future as he will no longer be accepting text messages.